Queen Alita Confronts the Gorgon Magus

'Alita battled her way up that hill towards that wretched creature, cutting down each Corrupted, one by one. She could feel the weight of despair dragging her down, flashes of hands grabbing and clawing at her, memories of pain and fear, the night the Gorgon Magus violated her. She knew he was casting a spell on her, just as he did her to countrymen, trying to change her, make her weak with self loathing. The Gorgon Magus held his talisman high, chanting in that foreign tongue, the snakes writhing and biting at Alita. It mattered not, the fire that burned inside her forged a will so strong, the even the gods couldn't break it. She would not turn, she would not be corrupted. She would kill him, and bring peace to her country.'