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Hadrion confronts The Gorgon

As he drew closer to The Gorgon, Hadrion could hear the sharp whispering getting louder in his head. "You are a kind, brave man Hadrion. You have done so much for this kingdom, so much for your friends, so much for your mother. It is too bad they don't see you. It is shameful that they don't care about you, that they use you for your abilities but treat you like an outcast. When they do look at you, they look at you in fear, and disgust, only speak to you out of pity or duty because you are the prince. They call you a friend, but you know it is a lie, it is only because they feel sorry...

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Alita Presents The Sword Of Her Father

Alita heard the creek of several bows being drawn. "These are dangerous times my lady, with dark magic all about.", called the captain in a serious and tense tone. "Finish the blessing." "All hail the King of the Northern Wind, for as long as he lives in our hearts, our kingdom will live forever." She could hear the soften of bows and a sigh of relief from the guardsmen. "Pass and be well your lordship."

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War Games

'Ivan broke away at a wild pace, racing the wind itself. A black stallion of the Royal Guard, Ivan had been under Alita's care since he fell from his mother's body 7 years ago. He loved playing these war games with her, 'leading' her troops into battle, matching the princess's intensity of sport and duty. The princess was the only one who could ride him and he never wanted anyone else.  Ivan knew what he was, a war horse, a servant to the land and forever faithful to the woman who he carried, his friend and future Queen.'                            

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